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Ever since I could remember I’ve enjoyed taking things apart. My parents noticed that as well. When I was young they gave me many electronics, such as TVs, typewriters, VCRs, many complicated contraptions that I would disassemble just for the fun of it. When I was 15 I asked my parents if we could buy an old jalopy and fix it up for my 16th birthday. they told me no, it takes too much time, we don’t have the experience. when I got my license and started driving around an old Toyota it wasn’t soon after that where I was taking it apart as well. I remember a time when my parents were upset because I had the front independent suspension taken apart in the driveway and they couldn’t get their car into the garage.

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Episode 4 Part 1: Reverse Podcast!

Join Jimmy and Tyler as Jimmy takes the reigns and asks Tyler a bunch of questions! Take a trip and ...
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Gas tank skid plate install 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Installing a Victory 4x4 Gas Tank Skid Plate for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma I have said it before and I ...
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Episode 0: We Are Doing A Podcast!!

Join Tyler and Jimmy as they begin their adventures with you! Listen to this episode to get an idea of ...
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Install Behind the Seat Molle Pannels on a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Behind the Seat Molle Pannels Install for the 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma Molle stands for (MO)dular (L)ightweight (L)oad-carrying (E)quipment. The ...
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Victory 4×4 Skid Plate Install 3rd Gen Tacoma

Victory 4x4 Transfer Case Skid Plate Install on 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma There are many important installs for your Toyota ...
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SnailTrail4x4 4runner Icon Track Bar

Installing an Icon Adjustable Track Bar on a 5th Gen 4Runner

Does an adjustable track bar stop rubbing Today we're installing the Icon Adjustable Track Bar because we are having a ...
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SnailTrail4x4 Toyota Tacoma Center Console

3rd Gen Tacoma Center Console Tray and Dividers

Stay Organized with a Tray and Dividers for your 3rd Gen Tacoma The first time you opened the center console ...
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SnailTrail4x4 Off-road Gifts

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Is it hard to find a gift for the avid offroader? Someone that seems to have it all. Here are ...
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