2018 Holiday Gift Guide

 In 2min Tuesday, Gift Ideas for Off-Roaders, Season 2

Is it hard to find a gift for the avid offroader?

Someone that seems to have it all. Here are my 2018 gift ideas for the person that likes to work on their truck and push its limits. This year
seems to be a bit more about safety and maintenance then last years 2017 gift list.

Don’t forget about the gift of snailgear (T-shirts or sweatshirts for these cold months)

Comment below if you have any other gift suggestions.

Under $20

Wireless OBD II reader: Check Todays Price

An OBD II reader is for those people that like to do the repairs by themselves? The best reasons to have one of these is so you can check what the Check Engine light actually is reporting.

This single feature has saved me the amount of money that the device is worth. I had the Check Engine Light come one and when I used the OBD II reader it told me that my gas cap was loose. Retightened my gas cap cleared the code saved a trip to the auto repair shop.

But there is so much more, it can check and report many different aspects of your engine and drivetrain. from RPM to 02 Sensor Voltage it can monitor all types of aspects of your vehicle. Its wireless is great because I leave it attached to the truck all the time, and can check it whenever I want.

OBD II connections can be found in every major auto manufacturer in 1997 and newer vehicles

Under $50

SnailTrail4x4 Soft-Shackle 4x4 Holiday Gift

Bubba Rope Soft Shackle: Check Todays Price
Offbrand Soft Shackle: Check Todays Price

Soft Shackles are a great alternative to a standard metal carabiner or D-Link. Even though they are little weight they are actually much stronger and safer. When metal breaks it shatters and tosses pieces all over. If these synthetic rope fail it simply falls to the ground.

They also don’t rust and will float unline any metal connectors.

They are great for connecting straps together like a Tree strap or a tow strap to a rig.

Under $100

SnailTrail Tool-Cart 4x4 Holiday Gift

Tool Cart: Check Todays Price

If you enjoy working on your vehicle but you have a tight shop with limited workspace then its great to have a mobile workstation. These Tool Carts work great because you can pull them out with their 360° swivel wheels and place it next to you outside or simply next to your truck while you work.

The Top level has a tray to store tools and parts that are needed for quick access. I like to keep some pens and a tape measure on there most of the time. Some come with drawers or addition shelves below so you can store box’s or parts that are not needed right away.

Then the best part is when you’re done for the day you can push the cart into the corner and store it out of the way of your daily life.

Over $100

SnailTrail4x4 MORRFlate 4x4 Holiday Gift

My Off-Road Radio Shop: Check Todays Price
Use code “SNAILTRAIL” when checking out to save 15% on your MORRFlate

I know I have been talking about the MORRFlate a lot lately but I love it. As many of you know I just got back from Moab and I used the MORRFlate all the time. It was quick, much faster than having to go to each individual tire and fill them up one at a time. It also saved my back, from kneeling down all the time to check pressure, and connect the compressor valves.

The tire clips are strong and sturdy and what I like is that they default closed. So when you pull them off your valve stem they do not release any additional air. They also have three teeth that grab on to your valve stem and holds on much tighter than the other styles that have 2 or even 1. The center manifold is very easy to use with an input/ball valve. All you need to do is just turn the lever to open the valve to release the air. On the opposite side, there is a shreader valve so you can easily check your air pressure in all the tires.

It’s also a one of a kind kit where everyone around starts to get jealous. Whenever I pull this out of the bag that it comes in, everyone wants to know what it is, and where can they get one.

Watch this video on YouTube

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  • Ed Mondor

    I’ve just discovered your podcast and have a few questions or suggestions… ?
    In your Moab podcast how come you didn’t do an interview with some of the Moab locals like Dan Mick?
    When doing a podcast on Yota axles how about how about interviewing a guy like Ken “Zuk” Francisco of Toyota Gear Installs ?
    Love your podcast… keep up the stories.


    • Jimmy Jet

      Greetings Ed, What would you like to know?

    • Jimmy Jet

      Hey Ed, those are great suggestions. We don’t know everything and there are some specialist out there that know more than us. However, to my defense, I haven’t heard of either of those people before. So now I guess I am going to have to look them up 🙂

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