3rd Gen Tacoma Center Console Tray and Dividers

 In 2min Tuesday, 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma, Season 2

Stay Organized with a Tray and Dividers for your 3rd Gen Tacoma

The first time you opened the center console did you think to yourself, look at all that space. I sure did.

Then I started tossing everything into that big black hole and it quickly became a mess.

Soon after I couldn’t find anything I was looking. I needed to dig through papers, receipts, coins and randomness so I can find a pen. I needed some organization solutions.

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Tacoma Center Console Tray

Snailtrail4x4 Tacoma Center Console Tray

The Tray for the Center Console of the Toyota Tacoma has three distinct spaces. The first space is and maybe most important to me, the coin holders. The coin hold section has 3 spots for coins all quarter sized.

It holds about 12 quarters tightly, or 11 quarters with ease but they jingle when I am driving around. I might place a small piece of folded paper in there to stop the rattling.

Behind the coin holder is a rectangle smaller open section. Its decent size for items like business cards or folded receipts. There is a larger open section is next to them.

They both have rubber mats that fit the base of the tray so you do not hear rattling noises. The larger section has a small opening for a cable to pass through from the bottom so you can connect an electronic device or charging something in the tray.

Tacoma Center Console Tray and Dividers

SnailTrail4x4 Tacoma Center Console Dividers

The dividers came as three pieces of plastic that I needed to assemble. They were thicker then I thought they would be and, already had the cutouts and simple marks on them so placing the pieces together was simple.

Putting them into the center console took me a quick second to figure out because the opening is smaller than the space below. I found when you rotate the put together dividers about 45° it slides down and then you can rotate it to the proper position.

I haven’t used these trays very much yet but I can see how they are going to help me stay organized. It’s going to let me place random items in specific places. This is great because then it will be easy to find exactly what I am looking for.

I am most likely going to add some tools like a Letterman or a seat belt cutter in this area. I’ll probably let you all know when its full.

You also don’t have to use all three of the plastic pieces, I might only use two and have some larger sections. We will see how it works out later down the road.

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