420: US VS Australian Off-Road Vehicles (Aussie Rules)

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Jimmy and Tyler are joined by Justin aka AH-Z to discuss the differences between building a vehicle here in the States vs building one in Australia. AH-Z a past Queensland local explains some of the hurdles that it takes to build an off-road vehicle that you’re still allowed to drive on the streets. Apparently, there are many, lots, crazy amounts of rules in Australia that the US doesn’t have. This really does answer some of our questions about why they just don’t build larger rigs for some of their trails.

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  • Dan LeBlanc

    You guys need more of the Aussie on there!!

    • Jimmy Jet

      Dan, I think we need to get the 4WD 24-7 guys on, what do you think?

  • Rodney Lumaban

    Guys, That was awesome finally getting to know who the infamous Aussie is. Will he be on again?

    • Jimmy Jet

      Rodney, I am not sure we can let him on again. This one episode really seams to be going to his head.

  • Josh

    As a fellow Australian this episode was so much fun to listen to

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