AFE Momentum GT cold air intake 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

 In Season 2, Toyota 4Runner

What benefits do you get from a cold air intake for a Toyota 4Runner

AFE Power 51-76009 Momentum GT Pro DRY S Cold Air Intake System for Toyota 4Runner: Check Todays Price

This Cold Air Intake (CAI) is big, its mean, and it’s loud. It definitely does the job, and you can hear at the end that is sucking more air.
The air filter is dry (oil-free), so that means no need to pull it apart to reoil it and it has a staggering increase flow: 39%. AFE also claim HP Gain Claims: +24 HP, and Max Torque Gains Claims: +24 lbs.

The install was quick and easy with no special tools needed. For the most part, we only used simple screwdrivers and players, with a few 11, 12, 13 sockets. The entire installation took upwards of 1 hour.

If your looking for something other then the TRD CAI then this would be a good option. I am looking to do the K&N one day soon. But I guess they don’t ship to California.

Thanks for Trail4r for supplying the 4runner. Click here to view their Install Instructions

*** Check your local smog requirements for the legality of this CAI ***

Watch the Video on YouTube

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