Differential drop on a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

 In 2min Tuesday, Season 2, Toyota 4Runner

Differential drop on a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

Dobinsons Diff Drop Kit: Check Todays Pricing

2 Minute Tuesday: Brenan from Trail4r and I install a Dobinsons Diff Drop onto the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner. The reason you want to do a diff drop is to improve your CV angle. When you have a lifted vehicle like ours the CV’s are at a poor angle and continues driving will cause the boots to break, grease to fly everywhere and possibly the worst, the CV’s could bind and break.

Installing this one-inch kit will lower your diff only half an inch. You place the spacers between the diff mounts and the frame, thus pushing the diff down towards the ground. Decreasing the differential will help improve the CV angle.

All the positives out way the negative of lowering your rig, so you have less ground clearance.

Trail4r Install Instructions

Watch the video on YouTube

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