Episode 12: 10 Pieces Of Off Road Etiquette

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Join Tyler and Jimmy as they discuss 10 things to keep in mind when going off roading. We all off road and enjoy our outdoor recreation. So, inevitably, we will, at some point, run into others on the trails. Keep these things in mind and keep crawling!

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  • Ben Stevenson

    Just wanted to add another point about gates, especially those linked to private property. Ranchers use gates to control the location of livestock. If you pass through a gate and change whether it’s open or not, you could be responsible for killing their animals or letting them lose. We had a friend lose about 30 head of cattle because someone closed the gate behind them when it was originally left open. After the gate was closed, the cattle had no access to water and they all died.

    • Jimmy Jet

      That is a great point and something that I haven’t thought about. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.
      – Jimmy

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