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The Ultimate Sidewall Repair Kit

What is GlueTread

Sidewall blow out or puncture used to deem a tire unusable, but now with GlueTread those days are behind us. The company specializes in sidewall puncture repair. GlueTread puncture repair kits allow the user to repair a slice or puncture on any tubeless off-road tire without removing the tire from the vehicle. The repair kit/solution is rated up to 40psi on the repaired tire. The patch is applied to the exterior of the tire and seals the puncture so the tire is rendered fully usable again. The GlueTread product services many different types of tires including;

  • ATV/Side by Side
  • Off-Road Tires
  • Farm Equipment
  • DirtBikes

GlueTread puncture repair kits are recommended for off-road only.

History of GlueTread

Andy and Dave

GlueTread was started in 2018 by a father-son team, Dave Auble and Andy Auble. Dave has a background in engineering and had already built a business earlier in his career. Andy had a degree in finance and a professional background in product development, making them a great team for a project like GlueTread.

GlueTread is a family-owned business that was started in a garage like many great businesses today. The Auble family grew up riding ATVs, using farm equipment, and enjoying the outdoors together. The Auble family turned an unfortunate tire mishap into a great business.


GlueTread started as retreading agricultural tires but quickly moved into sidewall repair once the adhesive and rubber technology were figured out. GlueTread was started in Hiram, Ohio, and is still operated out of that small town of about 1,200 people. GlueTread is now available both domestically and internationally in places like New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

Why We Like GlueTread


There are a couple of big reasons why we like GlueTread, but the main reason is extending the life of our Tires. Tires are not as affordable as they use to be. According to an article from Modern Tire Dealer tire prices have increased over 20 percent since 2020. The average amount it takes to manufacture a tire has gone up by 24% in 2021. They predict that it will go up another 9% in the next year. Supply chain and manufacturing issues have plagued the United States Market since the Covid 19 Pandemic started. Tires are also becoming more expensive due to the constant RnD that they go through. Technology improvements, performance, longevity, and most importantly inflation is causing tire pricing to skyrocket.


4×4 Kit Items

Like many off-road enthusiasts, a lot of us carry a spare tire, whether it’s 100lbs or an extra 200 lbs., that’s still a lot of weight and space that the tire takes up so we can have our peace of mind while being outdoors. The kit from GlueTread versus a full-bore spare is a no-brainer. For more extreme enthusiasts that are afraid of bending a rim, this may not be the solution for you, but for the average outdoor enthusiast that just wants to make sure they are prepared to fix a tire issue, GlueTread is an awesome alternative. There are also many benefits of removing weight to decrease the GVWR of the vehicle as well such as improved MPGs and less strain on the Suspension and Drivetrain.



“Cya” what? Unlike traditional adhesives, Cyanoacrylate is a water-based glue composed of acrylic resin. The main ingredient of the glue is Cyanoacrylate which is an acrylic monomer that transforms to a hardened-plastic state after its specified curing process. It differs from traditional glue due to its special bonding conditions. This is because cyanoacrylate glue can only bond with a surface when there is moisture present. This means if the cyanoacrylate glue is placed on a perfectly dry surface, it will not stick to the surface or form a bond. When any amount of moisture is present, the molecules in the cyanoacrylate glue will react with the moisture to form tight chains in between the two surfaces in contact. This reaction generates heat and occurs instantly, which differs from traditional glue bonding that occurs by evaporation of the base fluid. 

Polyisoprene is a synthetic polymer produced by polymerizing petroleum-derived raw materials. You might think of polyisoprene as a synthetic version of natural rubber latex since it offers many of the same desirable properties. This is what the patch in the GlueTread kit is made out of.

Reasons we love Gluetread Products
  • GlueTread is more cost-effective than buying a new tire.
  • GlueTread products are easy to apply.
  • GlueTread products dry quickly and bond firmly.
  • GlueTread’s method saves time because the wheel assembly can remain on the vehicle.
  • GlueTread’s method saves money because there is no cost to remove the tire from the rim.
  • GlueTreads’s method extends the life of your current tire to meet the expected life of the vehicle.
  • GlueTread’s method does not require special tools.
  • GlueTread provides minimum downtime because you can repair the tire and return it to normal use the same day.
  • GlueTread helps you keep discarded tires out of a landfill.

SnailTrail4x4 Tests GlueTread On The Rubicon

To put GlueTread to the test Tyler from MORRFlate decided he wanted to stab his 40-inch Milestar Patagonia and patch them with GlueTreads and run the Rubicon Trail. The Rubicon Trail is one of the most iconic trails in the world for both its overall scenic beauty and its difficulty.

If the GlueTread patches can handle the Rubicon Trail then they should be good enough to get you off a trail where ever you are. We also didn’t simply do the easy lines just to make it to the end. We wanted to prove that these patches could hold up to nearly the abuse that you give them.

GlueTread made it through the entire trail almost flawlessly. We were paying very close attention to the patches, and making sure they weren’t leaking. If we found a leak we quickly added the glue and accelerant to get them fully patched up once again. After 3 hard wheeling days all the patches held and we made it to the staging area in South Lake Tahoe. These things truly work well!

SnailTrail4x4 GlueTread Video

GlueTread Summary

In conclusion, we really love the product, this is another item that should be in your tool bag or recovery kit along with a tire plug. To have the ability to patch a sidewall and get your rig/vehicle to safety is so invaluable and could be the difference between a bad weekend and a good one. Always be prepared!

Where to Buy?

GlueTread’s Website HERE

Amazon HERE

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