What do you pack when you go off-roading

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What do you pack when you go off-roading

I am heading out on a camping trip and I’ve pretty much finished packing up my truck. I wanted to give you a quick little rundown of what I pack and why I pack specific items. This is more of a beginner level, just an overview, of the things that I bring with me on an overnight camping trip. If you want to know more in-depth about some items that I quickly go over, please put a comment below. I’m going quite a ways out at least a good hour out of cell phone reception, so I did pack quite a lot of protective gear and recovery gear.


I bring a Yeti, I do pre-cool the Yeti, which is a great way to keep the ice chest colder longer. I do bring some beer along with me, and that usually takes the first row. I try to put that beer in the fridge beforehand, so I’m not putting warm items in the cold cooler. Putting the coldest things in their possible freezing as much as you can so that it’ll last longer on that trip. The cooler the pre-cool, cold items like frozen meat and cold beer helps keep the ice in the ice chest longer.

Dry Food

I have a small tub for dried Goods. I like to bring chips and salsa, and I have always had a hard time keeping the chips from getting smashed while bouncing around on the trail. I have found that using a hard container for those chips does help. I can also place all the other items that do not need to be in the cooler in this tub.


I did another 2 Minute Tuesday on oils and fluids. You can view what I take with me in my milk crate here:  https://youtu.be/3m6LYqBdh30

Hi-lift Jack

I take a hi-lift Jack with me for safety. If something breaks or someone gets stuck, we can use the jack to solve the problem. There are many uses for these jacks. You can also use them as a come-along. Ask me sometime to tell you the story of how we used a hi-lift Jack to do a trail repair on someone’s rear axle.


I always something to sit on. Either a chair, stool or a stump (that we end up burning). It’s nice not to have to sit on the ground or a rock. Chairs are light and now days pack up small.

Tool Box

I try and take every tool that I might possibly need. I don’t want to be on the side of the trail with a problem that I cant solve. Carrying tool is easy. I am currently working on having a Permanent set for my truck. But right now I still need to pull the toolbox out to grab a tool to use in the shop. Maybe one day.

Recovery Bag

My Recovery Bag has all kinds of tow straps, ropes, and tie downs all sorts of items to help recover.

Spare Parts Bin

Bringing some spare parts is essential. In this bin, I have lots of parts to rebuild my axles and some other parts that are frequent breaks on the trail. Its amazing to me how often I come across someone on the trail that is broken and doesn’t have anything to fix the problem. Heck, nobody plans on breaking down, but if you ever did, it would be nice to have the part to fix it. I even have a jack stand in here.

Camping Bin

My other bin has my camping gear. A lot of the stuff that I use around camp. The pots and pans that I did another video on are in this bin. Along with cooking stove, water filter, small table, and many other items you need around camp. Let’s not forget one of the essential items… a hammock.

Sleeping Bag/Pillow

If possible choose a bag for the weather. If you don’t have that option make sure you bring lots of warm closes if it’s going to be cold. Don’t forget a pillow


Pack accordingly to your trip duration and the weather. Some items to think about would be dirty clothes because you will get dirty. Long or short types of clothing. Closed toed shoes/boots for the trail, but sandals for at camp. Swim trunks and a towel to wash off it there is going to be water around.


One of the items I keep out is water. I like to make the waters easily accessible, quick to grab so you can stay hydrated on the trail I also put water in the ice chest

Spare Tire

Make sure the tire is inflated, its a sad day when you need to use the spare tire, and it’s completely flat.

I hope this helps you determine what you should bring on your next off-road camping trip. If you want to know more about specifics on what I pack in these bins just make that comment below. Also if you have any additions to this list Id like to hear them.

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