2wd to 4wd Toyota off-road Pickup (Samantha pt. 1)

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2wd to 4wd Toyota off-road Pickup (Samantha pt. 1)

I am super excited to bring you our first SnailTrail4x4 build. Samantha is a 1994 Toyota 2 wheel drive Pickup. Some friends and I are going to build her up to be a rock crawling, dune jumping, mudslinging, and off-road adventure 4×4.

I bought Samantha a little while ago but had a hard time getting her into my name. You might have seen her in the background of a video or two. Now that she is in my name, I am going to fix her up. However, Samantha has had a hard life. Before I acquired her, she had been stolen from her previous owner. The Theif took her on a Joyride and smashed up and hit just about every body panel on the Truck. Because of this, I was able to get her for dirt cheap.

She is currently not running, but I am hoping to bring new life into her little 22re. Once I get her running, I will start converting her over to be a 4wd Toyota!


— keep crawling —

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