476: KOH End and National News

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King of the Hammers is a long week and Jimmy was only there for half of it. The last day Jimmy was there he and Tyler led the SnailTrail4x4 Fissure Mt. run. It was quite comical since there were more Jeeps than Toyotas. Thursday morning Jimmy left and Tyler was left there but was not alone. The last few days for Tyler were not slow, he had to work race coms for the Amber Turner and Two Stone Racing and help with Bomber Fab when he could.

While Jimmy was home he also wasn’t relaxing the massive storm blew down a large pine tree in his yard ripping up the main water line to the house. He was able to catch the tree falling on video and that video was shown on the national news. Jimmy felt like a professional videographer for a day.

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Check out Cody Addington video of him hitting Backdoor: Instagram

Don’t forget about the Fissure Mountain night run on Wednesday night. We are meeting across from the main gate at 7 pm. We will be meeting rain or shine but we will make a quick decision if we will go up the mountain depending on the weather.

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