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Many random callers this week but the one semi-common topic they all had was that they were happy to hear Tyler’s voice again. Once again thanks for the continued feedback and support, please keep calling in!

This Weeks Callers

  • Caller 1 – Clint called in to talk about Ultra 4 Rigs weight and Red Cards
  • Caller 2 – Tom gives us a breakdown of how he built his Jeep with Toyota Parts and why.
  • Caller 3 – Nick (Gladiator on 29s) tells Tyler how it’s common to have a small amount of connection with the new baby, and it takes a few months before they recognize you.
  • Caller 4 – Beer Craig talks about letting his kids cuss

CALL US AND LEAVE US A VOICEMAIL!!!! We want to hear from you even more!!! You can call and say whatever you like! Ask a question, leave feedback, correct some information about welding, say how much you hate your Jeep, and wish you had a Toyota! We will air them all, live, on the podcast! +01-916-345-4744.

An alternative method would be sending us an email, at or at you can also find us on Instagram at SnailTrail4x4 or 4x4ToyotaTyler

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