518: BlueRibbon Coalition Current Issues

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Tyle received a newsletter from BlueRibbon Coalition discussing all their current issues. He talks to Jimmy about what is happening and how you can support. Jimmy has a call to action to send him any or all organizations in your area that are fighting the good fight. He will create a page on the ST4x4 Website highlighting all these organizations so you can find organizations near you to support, if you wish.

BlueRibbon Coalition: sharetrails.org

Please consider donating to our good friend Sue Lee Bun and help her fight Cancer

Send us old license plates:
SnailTrail4x4 / MORRFlate
1065 National Dr, Suite 5, Sacramento, CA 95834

Want to win some Tires? Our friends at Yokohama are donating a set of tires for the 750 Apple Podcast reviews giveaway winner. Also, like before, we will give away swag packs every 50 until we get to the main giveaway. All reviews need to be left on Apple Podcast to be entered. Congratulations to TannerIsCooler for winning the 550 reviews swag pack. 1986Toyota4x4Pickup won 650 reviews for a SnailTrail4x4 Swag pack and an OnX off-road Elite Membership.

Call us and leave us a VOICEMAIL!!!

We want to hear from you even more!!! You can call and say whatever you like! Ask a question, leave feedback, correct some information about welding, say how much you hate your Jeep, and wish you had a Toyota! We will air them all, live, on the podcast! +01-916-345-4744. If you have any negative feedback, you can call our negative feedback hotline, 408-800-5169.

4Wheel Underground has all the suspension parts you need to take your off-road rig from leaf springs to a performance suspension system. We just ordered our kits for Kermit and Samantha and are looking forward to getting them. The ordering process was quite simple and after answering the questionnaire to ensure we got the correct and best-fitting kits for our vehicles. If you want to level up your suspension game, check out 4Wheel Underground.

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June was Tool Month!!! Tool Month is a fun month for everyone. Tyler and Jimmy get to give away a ton of tools and you get to win them. This month with Walter Surface Technology congratulations to Sam Hardy for winning the Mag Drill.

Walter Surface Technology weekly winners

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