6 Cleaning and Maintenance steps after buying a used Toyota Truck

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6 Cleaning and Maintenance steps after buying a used Toyota Truck

2 Minute Tuesday: In this episode, I show you the six simple steps I take whenever I buy a used vehicle. I perform these steps each and every time I get a used vehicle because it allows me to ensure that the vehicle is going to be in proper working order. Steps 1 and 2 of cleaning and washing the interior and exterior of the vehicle are not as crucial as changing the fluids.

When you are changing the fluids, you should always keep an eye on at the viscosity and color of the fluid coming out of the vehicle. If the color is really dark and smells sort of burnt, then you can assume that the fluids were not adequately changed. If this happens to you, I would suggest doing an additional flush after another thousand miles. If it still comes out dark a second time then repeating the flush one extra time.

I also change the belts because I was unsure of when they were last maintained, and I did not want to be stuck on the side of the road. Belts are a cheap and easy fix. Changing the spark plugs might not be as necessary, but it’s a clear state of mind knowing that I have done them last.

The last Quick maintenance step that I take is to check the brakes. Just a simple removal of the tires allows you to get a quick peek at how your brake pads are doing. In my case, I needed to change them because they were wearing oddly and they were slightly low.

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