Baltic Ridge Trail outside of Placerville, CA

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Baltic Ridge Trail outside of Placerville, CA

The Baltic Ridge Trail starts off Mormon Emigrant Trail and is about 40 Miles outside of Placerville. This area has many forest roads and that is ultimately what lead us into getting turned around. We did have to drive through some tight spots with brush encroaching onto the trail. This would not be a good trail for a full width. The majority of the trail was easy driving with a dirt road and some fist size rocks. On occasion, we would come across a steep hill with some deep ruts or some tight technical turns with some larger rocks. We did find our way back to the Road eventually.

Total Distance: 18 miles (Point to Point)
Unpaved Mileage: 18 miles
Driving Time: 3.5 hours
Driving Difficulty: 3 most of the time, 4 in a few spots

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