Bilstein 6112 Front Lift Toyota 4Runner

 In Season 2, Toyota 4Runner

Bilstein 6112 Front Lift Toyota 4Runner

First off I am so sorry the rear suspension videos got messed up. Below are two videos that show the techniques on how to install the rear springs and shocks.
This kit is not for beginners. Disassembly/assembling the Struts is not as easy as just buying them assembled. You will need some specialty tools to compress the springs and adjust the shocks.
Now that that is out of the way… We are thrilled with this upgrade. The Bilstein suspension’s ride is vastly superior to the spacer lift we had installed previously. Its a softer ride but doesn’t have as much body roll. When we were driving it around, it didn’t feel like it was as top heavy.
From the stock height, this kit will raise the front of the vehicle up to 2.65″. There are seven snap ring slots to place the snap ring into. Putting the ring into one of these slots will change the ride height. It will also increase the spring rate. On the rear, we used the Icon 2.5″ coils with the Bilstein 5100 shocks. These shocks are an excellent complement for the icon coils. With this set up the front is ever so slightly higher than the rear, and this makes for a more aggressive look in my opinion. Thanks to Trail4r for supplying the truck and kit
Bilstein Coilover (B8 6112): Check Todays Price
Bilstein Rear Shock option 1 (5100 1.25-2″ Lift): Check Todays Price
Bilstein Rear Shock with Resivoir option 2 (5160 1.25-2″ Lift): Check Todays Price
Rear Spring (ICON 52700): Check Todays Price
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