Don’t Buy this Window Repair Kit (didn’t work)

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Don’t Buy this Window Repair Kit (didn’t work)

*** Don’t Get the Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit (didn’t work) ***

I was driving down the road that other day and I heard this bang off my windshield. I looked up, and I saw a chip. Nooooo, what am I do to?

Luckily I saw this product on Amazon that has this cool plunger feature that will suck all the air out of the chip and then push all the resin back into the chip. It was cheap also so I thought I would give it a try.

At first glance, the product looks great, simple with a few basic steps. There are only seven pieces to the repair kit, thumbnail, adhesive, pedestal, razor blade, resin, plastic filament and the plunger. The steps were simple, and straight to the point. It does take a few hours, and I would suggest having some rubbing alcohol around to clean up any overflow on the resin.

That all said, this kit didn’t work for me. I followed the instruction, and I honestly think it made the chip look worse. The resin didn’t dry clear, it went all over my window, so I had to clean it up a few times, and it shows much worse than before.


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