Don’t get dehydrated on the trail

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Don’t get dehydrated on the trail

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Staying hydrated on the trail might be one of the most responsible acts you can do. When people get dehydrated, their judgment and patients goes down the tube, and this is when they could do damage to their Toyota off-road rig or worse.

I place water in an easy to access location. That way if someone gets thirsty they can quickly grab a water bottle. I also tell everyone where my water bottles are so if they want to grab one for themselves they are welcome to.

Tricking your mind to think it’s not water helps me drink more. To do this, I add some flavors, Gatorade powder or even Pedialyte. Also even drinking cold water can help.

Smaller bottles can help as they are quick and easy to drink. That way you can grab a bottle, chuck it, then toss it.

Keeping up on your Hydration is very tough. Once you become thirsty you’re already behind, and it’s always hard to catch up.

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