Home Made Rear Bumper for Bobcat (part 1)

 In SnailTrail 4x4

Home Made Rear Bumper for Bobcat (part 1)

In this episode of SnailTrail4x4, Jimmy Jet and Jason fabricate a rear bumper for bobcat. First, we needed to remove the truck bed, there are 6 bolts on my truck, 8 on a stock Toyota bed (my got cut out when I chopped the bed 11″). Disconnected the brake lights, license plate lights, and remove all electrical back to the cab. You also need to unscrew the gas tank filler. Then you can pull the bed off the frame.

Next step was to fabricate the bumper using house old tools. With the exception of the AMAZING D-Shackles mounts that Jason made. This entitled us taking a piece of 3 inches by 2 inches bar and cutting 45-degree cuts for the pieces to go into the frame. along with the two rectangular cut outs for the D-shackles to go through, and the square cut out for the hitch receiver.

Once all the cuts were made we mounted the bumper onto bobcat by using all my C-clamps. then we proceeded to weld the bumper together.

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