Home Made Rear Bumper for Bobcat (part 2)

 In SnailTrail 4x4

Home Made Rear Bumper for Bobcat (part 2)

In this episode of SnailTrail4x4, Jimmy Jet and Jason finish fabricating a rear bumper for bobcat. after we removed the bed, fabricated the rear bumper and welded the bumper to the frame we needed to paint the new bumper. Once we placed the bed back on the frame we noticed that the bumper stuck out slightly more than we expected. We decided to turn it into a usable step by placing expanded metal across the space. Now after welding all the tabs from the expanded metal down and repainting the bumper via rattle can we were able to put the bed on for the final time. I had to go buy new bolts, washers, and nylon locking nuts because I sawzalled my old ones off. Bolting the bed together using anti-seize wasn’t too hard, just took a little bit of time. Then all that was left that I needed to do was connect the electrical and screw in the gas filler. Rattle can one more time, than…
Bumper Complete!

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