Steaks and Stories on the Rubicon

 In SnailTrail 4x4

 Steaks and Stories on the Rubicon

In this episode of SnailTrail4x4 Special, Jimmy Jet goes to the first ever Steaks and Stories out on the Rubicon. Steaks and Stories is a great time for us to be able to get to know each other and talk about our jewel, the Rubicon Trail. The purpose of Steaks and Stories is to get the younger and older generations of wheelers talking to each other. There was a Questions and Answers time where anyone could ask some oldies some questions of how it used to be. There was a story time by some old and new wheelers where they talked about things past and of the future.

It was a great time, with lots of smiling happy people. I arrived a bit later than planned, but even when I arrived there were about 40 rigs there.

Big Thanks to all those that helped put this on.
and many more

— keep crawling —

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