Episode 11: How To Run 40s!

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Join Tyler and Jimmy as they answer an email about how to go to 40 inch tires on a Toyota front axle! Also Tyler’s one day trip to The Rubicon, and turning his wheel bearing to shrapnel! And Jimmy’s experience with a 1940s Willys!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us help all off roaders by signing this petition at change.org regarding the immediate closures of Oceano Dunes! If you want to donate funds to the cause, please DO NOT donate to Change.org, as they are not the ones actually fighting for us. Please direct all funds to organizations like CORVA and Friends of Oceano Dunes!

Change.org Oceano Dunes Petition

Please write in to the below emails ASAP! The official meeting is on the morning of July 11th @ 9am. Make sure you let everyone below know that off roaders do care about our outdoor recreation opportunities. That we have major economical impacts when we recreate in areas like Oceano Dunes. And that you look forward to the times spent with friends, family, clubs, trail maintenance days, and meeting new people in places like Oceano Dunes! Outdoor recreationalism is a very American thing, and one of the many amazing opportunities that we get as citizens of this beautiful country.


You can also reach some of the above by direct lines:

California Coastal Commission:

Email them: OceanoDunesReview@coastal.ca.gov
Call them: (831) 427-4863
Even send a fax (831) 427-4877

Lisa Mangat, Director, California State Parks, at 916-653-8380
Dan Canfield, Acting Director CA State Parks OHV Division, at 916-324-4442
Wade Crowfoot, Secretary of Resources , at 916-653-5656

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