Episode 2: 10 Off Road Essentials

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Join Tyler and Jimmy as they discuss offroading, camping, outdoorsie activities, and what are the top 10 essentials for when you go play in the wild!

Below are items that we discussed in the episode! If anything sounded like it tickled your fancy, check it out by following the links below! Otherwise, enjoy the show!

Hanging Around

Tyler’s RGB Rock Light Kit from SideTracked OffRoad
Jimmy’s Denso o2 Sensor… Not the Kit!

Campfire Discussion


AllTop Recovery Snatch Strap and Shackles
Rhino USA Tow Strap
1/2″ Soft Shackle set of 2
Driver 20,000lb Snatch Block


1/2″ Drive Breaker Bar 24″ Long
18 Piece Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set and Roll Bag
Boulder Tools 56pc Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit
Tacklife T8 Car Jump Starter


JB Weld
RTV Gasket Maker
Multi-Use Grease
Transfer Pump


Online Ham Radio Technician License Class
Garmin InReach
TYT 7800 Dual Band 50w Mobile Ham Radio
Baofeng BF8HP 8watt Handheld Ham Radio
Alinco DJ500T 5watt IP54 Dual Monitoring Ham Radio

Overnight Camping Essentials

Coleman 0 Deg. Mummy Bag
Extended Handle Arc Lighter, Windproof and Rain Proof
Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent
Hot Hands Hand Warmers
6000 Lumen LED Head Lamp


Mountain House Chili Mac n Beef Dehydrated Meal
Mountain House Beef Stroganoff Dehydrated Meal


Smartwool Medium Duty Socks


5gal Water Can
Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets
LifeStraw Water Bottle
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


Eyeskey Tactical Military Compass

Disclaimer: SnailTrail4x4 is an Amazon Affiliate. We make a little % of any items that you purchase from this podcast. All proceeds go to making better content for all of you! Thank you for your support!

Music by The Depths.

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  • Joe Carmean

    I have a suggestion for Tyler’s aluminum welding project. This is an opportunity for a product test on the show. Are you familiar with, Easy Weld, aluminum brazing rods, that are advertised all over Facebook and YouTube? I say braze a couple mounts and have a couple mount TIG welded and see how they compare. I think a lot of people would be interested in how that stuff really works. Come on Tyler, do it for the show. 😁👍

    Enjoying the new show guys.

    • Tyler Laursen

      I love it! If you have listened to Ep5 already, then you know that I am doing just this! I have the rods and the fridge drawer… Just gotta use them a few times to figure out exactly the amount of needed heat and melting points, etc. We will let you know how it goes!! Awesome Idea!!

  • Joe Carmean

    It’s been awhile. How about an update on the aluminum brazing/welding rod, work out?

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