Episode 26: Unimog Axles On A Toyota???

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Join Tyler and Jimmy as they discuss all sorts of shenanigans, including Ultra4, Unimog Axles on a Toyota, 2nd Gen plans, Bobcat plans, Samantha Plans, and more!!

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  • Benjamin Gagne

    Love the show, I can tell jimmy has a manual 3rd gen Tacoma. A lot of guys are going 5.29s to help with the searching gears the trans has with stock tire and gear setup. The manuals also have 4.30s from factory. Plus everyone is making these rigs very heavy with the overland accessories.

    Also the listener with the elocker question. 95.5-97 Tacoma’s didn’t have a Trd package but they could still have a elocker as a factory option. The holy grail for a Tacoma was 95.5-97 3.4l v6 regular cab with the factory elocker. 98 on is when the Trd package started and they weren’t available in the regular cab and regular cabs were only 4cyl then on out.

    Hope to hear more about Jimmy preparing and doing the TAT. Something me and a couple buddies are planning on doing in the spring. Trying to go from VA to the Mississippi River. I can only take 2 weeks off at a time…wish I could do the whole thing in one stent.

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