Episode 34: How Much Can Tyler Damage A 4Runner?

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Join Tyler and Jimmy, on this episode of the SnailTrail4x4 Podcast, as they discuss Tyler’s recent Oktoberfest trip…. and all of the broken parts. Windows, Brakes, Steering Links, Fenders, Diffs, Axles, Tcases, Oil Pans, and of course, German liquor!

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Show Music by Striker and Half Past Seven, provided by Dirtbag Music.

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  • Gene Hill

    I am a dedicated listener as I spend hours behind the wheel of a wal-mart truck five days a week. Really enjoy the banter between you two. But have a couple of radio questions. I live in Redding California and don’t have a chance to go to one of your off road ham classes.
    I have a pretty much stock jku rubicon recon edition. Most of my off roading is forest service roads but if I see something interesting I will detour anywhere. A lot of the time I am the only vehicle around as I am usually out during the week as I work weekends. For example Tuesday I am going to be wandering around south eastern Lassen county between poison lake and Fall River Mills with a stop at Harvey Mountain lookout. Will be surprised if I see any other cars once I leave the pavement unless some hunters are out and about.

    Yesterday I passed the test for the technician ham license and I do have a couple of radio questions. 1. Is the technician class license enough or should I get a general class for access to additional bands. Being this remote I do want to be able to reach out if I do something stupid and get stuck enough I can’t winch out or have other problems. Also would like to be able to reach out to my wife and let here know if I’m going to be really late.

    What would be a good mobile radio to mount in the jeep. Trying to think ahead and maybe get a deal on Black Friday or cyber Monday!

    Spending some time on this might make for a good show especially for the listeners that can’t get to the sierras every weekend and are lucky enough to not break those Toyota’s as much as some people do!!!! Though I’m enjoying the amount of work you two do on the rigs and still have real jobs and a girlfriends.

    Thank you
    Gene Hill

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