Episode 70: Perry From Bestline Racing!!

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Join Tyler and Jimmy on today’s episode of the SnailTrail4x4 Podcast, as they sit down for a chat with Perry from Bestline Racing! If you haven’t tried any of their products in your vehicle yet, you need to. Find out why and listen now!

You can find all of this awesome stuff over at Bestline Racing!

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  • John Beckham

    This is a great podcast with Perry Anderson, CEO of Bestline Racing, talking with Tyler and Jimmy regarding the great lubricity products that Bestline manufacturers here in the USA! Bestline Racing now incorporates a relatively new science in motor oils which is a creeping type of molecular lubrication that virtually makes your vehicle’s engine virtually impervious to high thermal heat and extreme pressure! Beatline Racing is a new generation of lubrication protection for your vehicle’s engine! Thank you, Perry, for this very informative interview regarding motor oils with Tyler and Jimmy as I highly enjoyed it!

    • Jimmy Jet

      Thank you John, We had a good time talking to Pery and we learned a lot about oil additives as well.

  • AJ

    Warning! Long e-mail ahead! I got very lucky in finding your Podcast. I love this particular one because it was about Bestline and all the Products that this company has. I am a lover of BMW’s. I scourer Youtube to find out all there is to know about the “”Good, Bad” of owning a BMW.

    What really scares me about BMW’s are the “So Call” problems of owning one especially the V8 Twin Turbo’s. The problem with the Valve stems just to name a few. I came across Bestline products with this guy called “Project Farm” and he convinced me that Bestline was something I might look into.

    So, it brought me here to your Podcast to hear from the guy who “Put Bestline” on the Market and the Map. I was thinking about using the “No Skeq” i’m sorry if I didn’t spell it correctly on the Engine wires and hoses. I thought about his New ceramic coating on the body of the car and trying it on the underside or underneath to see what kind of results I would get.

    I’m looking forward to trying out the Bestline Oil Engine Treatment, the Bestline Power Train Lubricant, and the Bestline Gasoline Conditioner. I’m going to use Bestline on every ” Knook & Cranny” I can just to have that “Piece Of Mind” The Cold starts as you stated will be a thing of the past. Keeping the engine cooler with the Engine Treatment will be a bonus.

    • Jimmy Jet

      Hey AJ, Supper excited that you enjoyed this Episode. We absolutely loved recording it. I use Bestline Racing Products in all my trucks.

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