Episode 9: What Makes Toyota Axles Fantasmic?

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Join Tyler and Jimmy as they discuss one of their favorite topics, Toyota Axles! What makes them fantastical, and how to they compare to their Dana and GM equivalents?

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  • Benjamin Gagne

    Catching up on the episodes, episode 9 with the axle talk is a little incorrect. The 8.4” I believe was ran from 95.5 to today and the 8” was in the 1st and 2nd gens with the e locker (Trd off-road) The 2nd gens, people were blowing diffs with the extra weight they were running in the beds. This is why the 3rds new elocker axle is awesome because of the new 8.75” diff.

    The Toyota diffs are very similar to a 9” diff. What makes them sting isn’t just the ring gear size but the deep pinion these diffs have. There is more tooth contact than a Dana or corporate diffs.

    Also you can’t flip a low pinion to make a high pinion. There is oil ways on the high pinion that allow the pinion bearing to get oil while the low pinion its basically in a oil bath. As a trail fix maybe but nothing for the road.

    Love the podcasts and love yotas! Keep up with the good content!

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