My First Pit-Crew Experience

 In SnailTrail 4x4

My First Pit-Crew Experience

Jimmy Jet works Pit-Crew for the first time for his friend Edwin #4475 at Ultra 4 Nationals.

I showed up late on Friday night to some of the SLO County Crawlers tearing apart Edwin Dana 60 front axle. As soon as I arrived, I was put to work. Not more then an hour later we were buttoning up the axle, and he went to bed because Saturday was the big event.

Saturday morning after waking up and going to the drivers meeting we had a few little bit of time to go over the Ultra 4 Rig one more time. Everything was looking A-Ok for Edwin #4475 first run of the day.

As Soon as he hit the first obstacle (the rocks) he lost all power, but the rig didn’t die. He continued for about half a lap and pulled off the track, and got out of the way of the other racers as his truck wasn’t working correctly.

When he came back to the pits, we went over the Rig and found some loose wires and some other wires that were frayed. We didn’t have much time to fix the problems because he was due to race. We did what we could, and we believe we solved the problems.

Before Edwin even got onto the racetrack, he was having the same symptoms. So he turned the rig around and came back to the pit. We now had some time to go over the complete rig and fix the problems correctly.

On the Third and final race of the day, Edwin was forced to start last due to his previous two failed races. But this time the Truck was working great, and we must have solved the problems. Edwin was able to go from last, and he moved up 4 spots.

Thanks Edwin for letting me work Pit-Crew. Hopefully, I wasn’t your bad luck charm, haha

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