How To Fit 33s Onto A Stock Toyota Tacoma

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Fitting 33s onto a stock Toyota Tacoma wasn’t as easy as I expected. I actually thought they would work as a simple bolt-on, but that wasn’t true. We needed to make some small alterations to the inner fender and fender itself. I also needed to add wheel spacers.

Tools that I used for the install:

There are many different tire sizes and wheel combos that it’s hard to say what worked well for me will also work well for you unless you’re using the exact same setup. Stock 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-Road tires are 265/70R16 and we are going to 285/70R17. If you want to stay with your 16″ wheels then a good option for you might be 285/75R16.

When we added the 33″ tires onto the truck we were hitting the Upper Control Arm (UCA) whenever we were turning. You can see the clean spot in the picture where the tire was rubbing. Because we were rubbing we figured we needed to change the offset of the tires.

What is the offset of the wheels? Stock wheels from Toyota are typically around +25/+30mm offset. Witch means that the wheel mounting surface is further to the outside of the vehicle thus the wheel is closer to the UCA. See diagram below

Because we have a positive offset and we are hitting the UCA with our scrub radius we choose to add wheel spacers. We added 1.25″ (31.75mm) spacers to the hub and this pushes the wheel further away from the vehicle thus essentially becoming a negative offset. With our +30 offset wheels and our 31.75 spacers, we now have moved the wheel out and have a -1.75mm offset.

This didn’t completely solve the problem. We are no longer hitting the UCA but now we are coming into contact with the front bumper, and plastic fender in the rear. To overcome this obstacle we decided to trim the fenders with a grinder and do a little molding with a heat gun and hammer. This now gave us almost all the room we needed, except we are ever so slightly hitting the body mount.

Because we didn’t hit the body mount when we didn’t have a spacer and were with the 1.25″ spacer it made me wonder if there was a magic middle number. I went out and bought some .75″ Spacers from Bora and after I installed them I wasn’t hitting anywhere.

Wheel Spacers the only place I found that made .75″ ones was BORA (MotorSport-Tech)

  • Your Bolt Pattern: 6×139.7mm
  • Hub Diameter: 106mm

Trail Tacoma wrote a great article on this install: Check it out here

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  • Brandon

    So if I put a 2.5” lift 33’s should clear?

    • Jimmy Jet

      No garentee but it will be close, you will probally still need to do some slight triming and do a body mount chop.

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