Fluids I take out on the trail

 In 2min Tuesday

Fluids I take out on the trail

2 Minute Tuesday – Here is my crate of fluids that I take out on the trail. This list has been very fluid in the past but here is what I have in there now.

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4 quarts 10w-30 engine oil
1-quart auto transmission
2 one gallons Gear Oil
1-quart gear oil
1-quart power steering fluid
all-purpose grease
2 cans WD-40 (could probably take one out)
3 cans carb cleaner (could probably take two out)
32 oz break fluid
1 squeeze bottle black RTV
1 four oz CV grease squeeze bottle (should probably have 6 total)
1 bottle Bio-Clean (to help break down the oil that has been spilled)

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