Gearwrench 1/2″ Drive Bolt Biter™

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Product Overview

“Bolt Biter is the revolutionary new extraction socket system from GEARWRENCH. They talked with auto mechanics and industrial techs to learn what they hated about existing extraction sockets. Bolt Biter redefines extraction and solves all of their frustrations.” – Gearwrench

First Appearance

When you first get the kit you quickly notice how stout and heavy the blow-molded case is. I really like the fact that they used massive metal hinges on the case instead of a cheap plastic version that always break. They might have needed to build this case up because the entire 10 Piece Set weighs in at 10 lbs. (4.5 kg).

When you first open the case by unlocking the metal hinges you get greeted by these massive black sockets. They are made from chrome molybdenum alloy steel (CR-MO) which gives them immense strength and long-lasting durability. Each socket has a black oxide finish to resist corrosion. With the black background, you immediately notice the contrast of colors to the white laser-etched sizing for quick identification, letting you easily grab the size you need.

On the bottom end of each socket, there is a hex base. This lets you use a variety of tools from wrenches or pliers if you’re in a tight squeeze. If you have the room they are also impact rated so you can use them with an impact gun or standard 1/2″ ratchet. There are other short socket versions that work with 1/4″ or 3/8″.

When/Why You Would Use Them

Have you ever been in a situation when your working on the exhaust (it always seems to be the exhaust) and you need to remove a nut from the stud? As soon as you start loosening the nut you can just feel it twisting in your socket until it fully slips round and you bust your knuckles against the heat shroud. Well, then this is for you!

The GEARWRENCH Bolt Biters are for removing or installing rounded fasteners. The flutes on the inside of the socket are designed to be used for both right or left-handed threads or to remove and re-install a fastener in case of an emergency. They have a tapered entry letting you easily seat the socket over the damaged fastener. No need to impact it with a hammer.

In this kit there are dual sized sockets, meaning one is ever so slightly smaller than the other. We will call them minus sized. For example, let’s say we have an extremely rounded out 19mm nut, one the bolt biter can’t even get a grip on. Then you would move to the 19mm minus size. It falls somewhere between 18 and 19mm to solve those problems, fitting a wider range of sizes. They are also designed to work with both SAE and metric fasteners.

Most of the time sockets are the standard looking shiny chrome (CR-V). These are harder and more brittle metal. On the other hand, GEARWRENCH Bolt Biters are made from Chrome Molybdenum (CR-MO). It’s a more pliable metal letting it bend and deform before splitting and breaking, making this option superior over other impact sockets on the market. GEARWRENCH claims that the Bolt Biters have up to 10x longer impact life, and up to 5x greater torque output over other impact extraction sockets.

Oh… Did I mention that they also come with a lift time warranty?

Sizing, Specifications, Kits

1/2 Drive Bolt Biter – 10 Piece Set (86071): Check Today’s Price
1/2 Drive Bolt Biter – 5 Piece Set (86070): Check Today’s Price

You can also get individual sockets and the part numbers are listed below

Part #Item Name
860721/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 19mm- (3/4-“)
860731/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 19mm (3/4″)
860741/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 21mm- (13/16-“)
860751/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 21mm (13/16″)
860761/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 22mm- (7/8-“)
860771/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 22mm (7/8″)
860781/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 24mm- (15/16-“)
860791/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 24mm (15/16″)
860801/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 25mm- (1-“)
860811/2″ Drive Bolt Biter Impact Deep Extraction Socket 25mm (1″)

The Bolt Biter line has now expanded the line from shallow sockets to the deep socket as well as available sizing up to 1″ (25mm)

GEARWRENCH 1/4 and 3/8 Drive Bolt Biter Sets: Check Today’s Price

Impressions After Using

They work just as you would expect, if not easier. The laser-etched sizing on the sides is easy to read. You would think that having a minus sign on there would be difficult to see but it is not. Since these have a tapered opening, you don’t need to smack them with a hammer to get them to fit over the fastener you need to remove (but since they are CR-MO they can take a beating). It’s nice to have these in a deep socket option expanding their line and the uses. They have been extremely useful for removing nuts off of studs, or even the occasional rounded wheel lug nut.

GEARWRENCH is a proud part of the Apex Tool Group global portfolio, among the most trusted names by the end-users in their categories. While they serve many different markets, all their tool brands stand for quality, innovation, and value. They’re known for solving seemingly impossible problems and enabling technicians to get the job done faster.

Tested, designed, and engineered in USA (manufactured in China)

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