Ham Radio License test was so hard!

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Ham Radio License test was so hard!

We met at a round table for a crash course on Ham Radio with Tyler from My Off Road Radio . This was an eight hour class with the Ham Radio Test at the end. I didn’t do any studying beforehand, and that was a huge mistake. Once we all settled down and got in our spots, we started going over terms and mathematical formulas. I was instantly lost. I have never heard these terms before in my life, and even though I know what an amp or watt was, I didn’t know how to do the math to create them.

As the day went on, my head started to hurt even more. However, I was starting to understand some of the terms and the rule of 300. Tyler had the class very well organized, and the flow of the class and the studies were easy to follow. We took a short break to get some food and relax our minds.

After the break, we started practicing for the Ham Radio Test, and this really helped me because it started putting the terms and formulas into place. Once the Testers came, we all took a quick break before the Official/formal test.

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Video Link: https://youtu.be/9bTR0jriqao

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