Inflate/deflate all 4 tires at once with the MORRFlate

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Learn more about the MORRFlate Tire Inflate/deflate Kit

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Have you wanted to learn more about the MORRFlate? Well, this is the video for you.

welcome SnailTrail4x4 I’m Jimmy Jet and today I brought Tyler from My Off-road Radio and he is going to be explaining more in depth about the MORRFlate. There are a few tricks to know about this and we’re going to talk about some of the benefits of each of the components and tell you why they are amazing.


MORRFlate Layout

Usually, I am tossing my coiled hose from the bag down the side of the vehicle and then pull up so that your hair chucks are somewhere within the range of the tires. Take your manifold to make sure the valve is closed and then place the manifold in a location where you can keep it out of the dirt, grime, and keeping it clean.

At the wheels take your locking Chuck with the locking collar down and press it onto the tire so that a little bit of air will escape, push it slightly farther and you will hear the air stop and then close the locking collar.

Once you have everything hooked up to all four tires around the vehicle you come back to your manifold open the ball valve and will get to hear all that is come flowing out. Then just let it sit there while you enjoy a drink or go talk to your buddies.

When you need to check your tire PSI to see where you’re at. All you got to do is grab your tire pressure gauge, then close the ball valve on the manifold. Press your tire pressure gauge on to the Schrader valve on the top of the manifold. This will tell you the tire pressure for all four tires.

The final step is to remove the air chucks from each of the tires, coil up the MORRFlate place it in the bag and go wheeling.


After you’re done from the day and your out off the trails you need to re-inflate your tires so you can go head home. Inflating the tires is simple, all we do connect the air chucks to each of the tires just as we did when we deflated the tires. then take our manifold with the ball valve closed and we connect it to our air source. Once it’s connected to the air source we open up or ball valve and you can hear the air now coming through the air tank/compressor going out into the tires.

In order to check your PSI what you got to do is just close your ball valve take your gauge and press it on the Schrader valve on the manifold. Once your at your desired tire psi all you need to do is disconnect everything just as if you were deflating the tires. Roll up the hose and place it back in the bag.

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