Install an Icon Stage 2 lift kit on a 5th Gen 4 runner

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Install an Icon Stage 2 lift kit on a 5th Gen 4 runner

Thanks to for providing the kit and the rig.

Jimmy Jet explains how to Install an Icon Stage 2 suspension lift kit onto a 5th Gen Trail Premium Toyota 4runner. After breaking the Lug Nuts loose, we lifted the 4runner and placed it on jack stands. Once the tires were removed, we started to disassemble the Upper Control Arms. To do this, we needed to remove the Ball Joint from the spindle. Then we removed the upper control arm pivot bolt carefully snaking it through the engine bay. Once the control arm was removed, we took out the strut. From there it was just the reverse. Install New Strut, add new Upper Control Arm, bolt together and the front is done.

Installing the Icon Stage 2 Lift kit on the back of the Trail Premium Toyota 4runner is even easier than the front. After placing jack stands under the frame, and removing the tires, it was as simple as undoing the shocks and releasing the springs. Putting the new springs in was a bit more difficult as they are larger and we needed to lift the other side of the axle to lower the side we were working on. Once we got the springs in place, we buttoned the suspension up and finished by putting the new shocks in place. We were thrilled with the new lift.
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  • Steve P

    Hey Jimmy im planning to do same setup on my T4r w/ KDSS just wondering what is the torque specs on the Track Bar that you removed and the kdss that mounted to the axle?

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