Installing Powerstop Extreme Brakes onto a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

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Installing Powerstop Extreme Brakes onto a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

In this episode, we are installing Powerstop Extreme brakes onto a 5th gen Toyota 4Runner. The brakes are a carbon fiber ceramic formula which offers the ultimate breaking performance for trucks and 4×4. The drilled and slotted rotors improve performance and maximize cooling whereas the zinc plating helps prevent against to rust.

Toyota 4Runner Power Stop Front and Rear Brake Kit: Check Todays Price

The installation of this kit is quite similar to doing a standard brake job. However, it is slightly more difficult because we are having to remove the calipers so that we can replace the rotors.

Trail4r Install Instructions:

Total Time: 2 hours
Tools Required: floor jack, jack stands, 12 and 17 mm sockets, socket wrench, breaker bar, needle-nose pliers, screwdriver, C-clamp or channel locks, and rubber hammer or mallet.

Remember to release the E-brake when pulling off the rear rotors

*Disclaimer: Brakes are extremely important in vehicle safety and if done improperly could result in serious harm. I would highly suggest taking your vehicle in to get its brakes done if you do not feel comfortable working on your own vehicle.

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