Installing Wheel Spacers on a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

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Installing Wheel Spacers on a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

2 Minute Tuesday: Installing wheel spacers on a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner is a quick and easy way to get a wider track width. There are a few different styles from bolt-on applications to small spacers that fit just over the wheel studs between the brake rotor and the wheel. Always read the instructions before installation and make sure you tighten nuts to the proper torque.

Two spacers come in the kit, if you want to do all 4 tires you will need 2 kits.

We have lifted the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner over four inches. When we do this, the lower control arm gets to a more extreme angle and thus bringing the wheel closer to the body. Adding wheel spacers allows us to get back to the factory stock width (if you choose). We decided to go wider 🙂

Trail4r Install Instructions:

**If you run wheel spacers be sure that they are properly installed and are correct for your application. Check with your local government about the legality of using wheel spacers on your vehicle as well.**

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