Intro to 4×4 – Taking friends off-roading

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Intro to 4×4 – Taking friends off-roading

SnailTrail4x4 Episode 01: Intro to 4×4 – taking friends off-roading
In this episode of Snailtrail4x4, Jimmy Jet takes some friends off-roading. The camping destination is Sand Bar flat campground down the Crandall Peak Trail. The trail starts 2.2 miles past Strawberry, CA. is roughly 12 miles long and a simple fire road (Level 2), 4-wheel drive is not required. The Campground is a first come first serve, and it does have potable running water and bathrooms.

Day Two:
The Crandall Peak Trail continues for another 25 miles and becomes much more challenging, 4 wheel drive was required on a few spots (Level 4). If you are concerned about your paint, some places got very narrow and were overgrown. The trail dropped us off outside Colombia, we found our way back to Highway 49, and eventually to Indigeny ( in Sonora, CA. If you’re ever in the area. Check this place out for some fantastic cider.

Music By: Everett Coast –

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