LED Headlights in a 1st Gen Toyota 4Runner

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LED Headlights in a 1st Gen Toyota 4Runner

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In this episode of SnailTrail4x4 we install LED headlights into a 1st Gen Toyota 4Runner. The first gen Toyota 4Runners came with halogen bulbs that come out entirely as one housing, You cannot remove just the bulb. So when installing LEDs, you have to replace the entire housing. We found these on Amazon and thought we should give him a try, we are pleased with the outcome.

The installation was simple, we needed to remove the old headlights and to do so we removed the battery to give us the room. There is plenty of room on the driver side, so you do not need to remove any additional Parts there. We got an H4 LED wiring kit from online that will power all of the LEDs from one side of the headlights using the two relays. LED headlights consume considerably less power than the halogen bulbs that were in there before.

The hardest part of this installation was not breaking the clips on the front grill so be extremely careful when removing those clips.

Tools Required: 10 and 12 mm sockets, socket wrench, philips screwdriver, electrical tape, zip ties, drill and some spare bolts to mount the relays

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  • Mark

    i have tried to install my led headlights, with the harness that you use on your video, and only get one light to work.Do you have any suggestions?

    • Tyler Laursen

      Hey Mark,
      You will have to go through and check voltages, and connectivity to all of the connections on the non working light. Also check your connections on the vehicle harness side to make sure that the socket you are plugging into is setup as switching grounds like it should be for that aftermarket harness. Or, if you got the harness on amazon, return it and get another one… could just be a bad harness. Good luck!

  • Nick

    I had the same problem as Mark mentioned above. Used the exact products listed on this post for my 1986 4Runner. After some head scratches, finally figured out the wire harness is setup to pull power from the middle oem headlight plug. Seems like the ’86 and ’85 have 12v power supplied through the left side (looking at the plug with middle terminal on top). Rewired the harness and got both working properly. This may help others in the future. Love the show!

    • Jimmy Jet

      Nick, that is great information thanks for letting everyone know.

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