Lift or Lower your Toyota Pickup or 4Runner by adjusting the Torsion Bars

Lift or Lower your Toyota Pickup or 4Runner by adjusting the Torsion Bars

2 Minute Tuesday: Adjusting your torsion bars is a quick and easy way to lift or lower your Toyota Pickup or 4Runner. Toyota Pickup’s and 4Runner’ from 1986 – 1995 came with torsion bars. The torsion bar is the mainspring or dampener for the Toyota off-road suspension. tightening the torsion bar will allow you to lift the Toyota pickup or 4Runner but it will give you a more rough ride down the road. If you loosen the torsion bar you will lower your suspension and have a softer ride.

12 complete turns of the tensioning bolt lifted my truck 1.5 inches. This allows me to turn full lock to lock and not hit the tires against the inside of the wheel well. I was very happy with this easy quick solution to rising my Toyota off-road truck, Lloyd.

Tools Used:

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  • focusoilfilter

    Extending up the suspension bars to get the truck back to stock ride hight doesn’t hurt anything or destroy cv joints rashly. Turning up the suspension bars to above stock ride hight can destroy cv joints rashly.

    • Jimmy Jet

      Making any modifications to the vehicle will make parts wear out prematurely, I agree. It really comes down to if you’re willing to take the risk.

  • Jackie Sparks

    Turn the suspension bar bolt counterclockwise to bring down the vehicle. Slide under your raised vehicle while holding a fastener wrench with an attachment connected. Spot the attachment over the twist bolt, winding the instrument a counter-clockwise way.

    Vehicles with lifts are bound to rollover. Rollovers can murder or seriously injury the tenants of the truck. Rollovers can likewise make different drivers endure wounds or demise on the off chance that they crash into the turned over truck. What’s more, freight can spill when trucks turn over causing ruin on the streets.

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