MORRFlate Four Tire Inflation and Deflation Kit

 In 2min Tuesday, Season 2

Airing down has never been so easy, and fast!

Why waist your time going to every tire. Now with the MORRFlate you can pump or deflate all four tires all at once from one location. You can also check the tire pressure at one location as well.

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Nearly every time my Truck hits dirt or rocks I air down my tires. With the MORRFlate this makes it a quick and easy task. I can simply plug each chuck to a tire and open the ball valve on the manifold. This will let air come flying out from all four tires all at once. Possibly you want to have your front and back tires at different PSI. That can be accomplished as simple as removing the two chucks from the front two tires, because the chucks default close they will not let air out of them, and re-opening the ball valve on the manifold.

MORRFlate Layout

While your releasing air or filling up it simple to check the PSI of your tires. Turn the red lever, closing the ball valve on the manifold and press your tire pressure gauge to the schrader valve stem on the manifold. If you want to continue just open the red lever and it’s just that easy.

MORRFlate In Use

Airing up is just as simple, connect all the chucks to the tire, then connect your air compressor to the manifold, open the red lever and turn on your compressor. Boom, Your tires are inflating. One benefit while of the MORRFlate while inflating is that it equalizes the tires to be all the same. Now you dont need to go to each tire and bend over and check the tire pressure. You can do it from the same location as before and it will tell you the pressure of all four tires at once.

*You need to make sure that the valve is closed when checking pressure if its open then you could get

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