My Favorite Off-Road Cell Phone Mount

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Consider the Ram Mount as an Off-Road Cell Phone Mount

Have you ever been driving along the road and needing directions or wanting to change the song on the radio from your phone,  and you have to reach down and look away from the road to do this? he needs a good phone mount that a hold on tight while you’re off-roading and I have the amount for you.

Ram Mount X-Grip with Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount: Check Today’s Price

The RAM mount X grip with the twist lock suction cup is one of my most favorite phone mounting systems I have come across.  I have tried some of those simple magnet amounts and they’re just not strong enough, plus I have actually had a few Reflections coming from the magnetic ball and it’s just annoying.

The RAM mount is a US-based company that backs their product with a lifetime warranty. It’s made from powder coated marine grade aluminum, marine grade stainless steel products and high-strength composite Plastics. I have put a lot of stress on to these Plastics and have not had an issue breaking a single piece yet. Their twist lock that holds the phone into place is Stout and doesn’t have very much vibrations even while off-roading.


The phone’s mounting system, that X grip holds the phone into place with the stainless steel Springs on rubber feet. I have never had a problem with a phone falling out. it does occasionally seem to slide back into the X grip but that only seems to secure it better. I have wheeled with this system with no doors on and felt totally fine. Wasn’t worried one bit that I was going to lose my phone out the door.


The Twist lock suction cup works great. I give it a little lick stick it on the window twist the twisty section on the mount while I am pushing it firmly against the window, and it holds. When you want to release it you untwist the section and then there’s a little tab to pull on for them to release the suction cup.


I have installed a similar system in a 5th gen 4Runner with Watch that video here  His system did not include the suction cup mount but we did hard mount it to the vehicle. That’s one of the features that I really enjoy about the ram mounts is there are so many varieties and styles that should be able to fit any vehicle or feature that you want to mount your phone X grip too. Whether you’re driving a motorcycle, have a tube buggy, and even when you have a nice window for the suction cup. They do come in three sizes for normal phones, huge phone or there is even a tablet size.

there are also a few accessories that work with the X grip such as the tether, this helps hold the phone in when you’re going through a rough patch of dirt or have it out in the open as like a motorcycle. I personally have never had to use the tether but I could see how it would be a benefit and a security.


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