Rubicon Trail with Ian from Heathen Eagle

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Rubicon Trail with Ian from Heathen Eagle

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I had the incredible pleasure to be able to introduce the Rubicon Trail to a friend of mine, Ian. Ian and I have known each other since high school. He has his own YouTube channel where he takes his Dodge Ram out on extended overland adventures all over California and Nevada.

I know Ian has a love for the outdoors, trucks and technical things so I figured he would enjoy going on the Rubicon. When I contacted him and asked if he wanted to join me, he gave me an immediate YES. He said it has always been a dream to go on the Rubicon.

I don’t think Ian knew what to expect with a gnarly trail like this. We drove his Ram little ways in and made camp just before Gatekeeper. His truck did well for its size and weight. But when we walked up to take a look at Gatekeeper, he was shocked… Trucks go there here? I just smiled and said Yes.

While we were out on the trail he as having a blast seeing what the rigs were capable of. But when we got back from lunch, and we were turning around to head back to camp. I told him it was his turn to drive. Afer a little bit of a discussion where Ian was saying he didn’t want to damage my truck, and me pointing at all the scrapes he finally conceded and jumped into the driver seat.

I knew he had some wheeling experience from his youtube channel, but he did better then I expected. Even though he broke the shifter knob off.

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