SnailArmor 3rd Gen Tacoma Tailgate Flate Panel Install

 In Season 4 (Jump Start), SnailArmor Features and Installs

SnailArmor Tailgate Install 3rd Gen Tacoma

The SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate Flat Panel is the perfect addition to any overlander needs. Replacing the stock wavey tailgate with a flat one making this space an ideal place for you to cook and place your beverages.

  • Currently fits 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacomas
  • Made from 1/8″ Aluminum
  • Powder-coated a textured black
  • Laser-etched SnailArmor Logo
  • T30 Driver included for removal and installation of factory hardware.
  • Customized laser-etching per customers’ request

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Tools Required for Install

Torx Bit 30 (T30) Included with purchase
Cordless Drill for bit, or screwdriver that accepts bits.
Optional: Cleaning Solution (Simple Green and Water)
Optional: Car Wax
Optional: RTV adhesive/sealant

Install Instructions for SnailArmor Tailgate (3rd Gen Tacoma)

Using the T30 bit and a driver, remove all 8 screws along the top edge of the existing tailgate liner. Take notice how these screws have a larger diamiter head then the remaining screws. Do not remove the tailgate end cap it is heald on by plastic clips. Place the hardware to the side as you will need them to reinstall later

Next you are going to remove the 8 smaller screws around the outsides and bottom with the T30 bit. I like to keep these in a separate pile away from the larger ones.

Now you can pull out the OEM tailgate liner from the tailgate of the Tacoma. Notice how OEM Tailgate liner is underneath the tailgate end cap. You might need to lift slightly on the end cap to free the wavey tailgate and place it to the side. It will not be reused.

Once the factory tailgate liner is removed you can clean the newly exposed metal surface and if you choose you can additionally put a coat of wax on.

The SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate doesn’t wrap around the edge like the factory OEM one did. The SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate Flat Panel is slightly smaller to match the lines of the tailgate and because of this water could seep underneath. If you choose you can add some RTV around the tailgate to prevent any water from slipping under.
Additional Note: There are factory drainage holes on the bottom side of the tailgate for just this reason.

Installing SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate to vehicle is extremely easy. Slide the SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate Flat Panel underneath the tailgate end cap, just like the OEM tailgate liner. From here it should fall into place. adjust the panel so that the holes align with the plastic clips for the screws.

I found it easiest to hand tighten all screws into place starting with the outside corners and then work your way around the tailgate.

Using the T30 bit, tighten factory screws holding the SnailArmor Tailgate into place. (Do not overtighten and strip)

Now grab yourself a frosty drink and never worry about where you’re going to it place down again.

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