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SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate Flat Panel

The SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate Flat Panel is a great addition to your Toyota Tacoma overland builds for any camping adventure. No more searching for a place to set your camp stove to cook or worrying about where you are going to set your beverage, and stop the pointless pain when kneeling on the tailgate whenever you reaching back into the bed to grab a tote.

The SnailArmor Tailgate replaces your Toyota Tacoma’s OEM tailgate inner hatch panel to give you a multiple-use platform that enhances the functionality of your factory Tacoma tailgate. Utilizing the factory holes and hardware, no modifications to your truck are needed. This is arguably the most useful upgrade you can make to your overland truck build!

SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate Flat Panel: Get Yours Today

It fits 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma (2016-present), with the 2nd Generation version coming out soon. Its made from 1/8″ 5052 Aluminum that is water-jet precision cut so there are no slag, blowouts, or nicks on the edges. It’s a perfect cut every time. 

flat tailgate vs. wavey tailgate

Additional cuts are made to bypass the ridge at the base of the factory tailgate. We make these extra cuts so that our panel lays flat against the tailgate. Other manufacturers request you lay theirs over this rise leaving a gap between the panel and the Tailgate. This raised section is the major difference between the 2nd and 3rd Gen tailgates.

Each SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate Flat Panel is then cleaned before shooting it with a textured black powder coating. This is to mimic the appearance of the plastic bed and give you a little grip under your feet. But not too much texture because we still wanted to keep it easy to clean. 

Textured powder coating

We provide the T30 driver that you need to remove the OEM tailgate inner hatch panel so that you can install the new SnailArmor Tailgate. 

Each tailgate is laser etched with the SnailArmor logo in the lower right corner. We took the factory design and enhanced it by turning the OEM plastic into a rugged aluminum cover.

Tools for Install:

  • T30 (included) cordless drill to remove and reinstall factory screws 
  • Optional: Cleaning supplies, RTV adhesive/sealant

Install Instructions for SnailArmor Tailgate (3rd Gen Tacoma)

  1. Using the T30 bit, remove all 8 screws along the top of the existing tailgate liner, leaving the tailgate end cap in place. Save hardware as you will need them to reinstall later
  2. Remove the 8 smaller screws around the outsides and bottom with the T30 bit. Save hardware as you will need them to reinstall later.
  3. Remove OEM tailgate liner from the vehicle and place it to the side. Notice how OEM Tailgate liner is underneath the tailgate end cap. It will not be reused.
  4. OPTIONAL: Clean surface newly exposed metal and put a coat of wax on tailgate interior surface.
  5. OPTIONAL: Use a thin bead of RTV adhesive/sealant around the underside edge to prevent any water or dust leaking underneath.
  6. Install SnailArmor Tailgate to vehicle tailgate, ensuring the tailgate is underneath the tailgate end cap, just like the OEM tailgate liner.
  7. Hand tighten all screws into place starting with the outside corners and then work your way around the tailgate
  8. Using the T30 bit, tighten factory screws holding the SnailArmor Tailgate into place. (Do not over-tighten and strip)
SnailArmor Tacoma Tailgate Flat Panel

Now grab yourself a frosty drink and never worry about where you’re going to it place down again.

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Cleaning Instructions: Clean with hot soapy water and/or with disinfectant wipes. Do not use solvents or chemical-based cleaners as it could hurt the powder coating.

Made in the USA

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