Upgrading to a Synthetic Rope

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How To Install A New Synthetic Rope

If your thinking about swapping out that winch cable for a new fancy lightweight synthetic rope make sure you read this blog/watch the video before you do.

Thanks to Tyler for hoasting this video, follow him on IG: @4x4toyotatyler

First, you need to remove your old cable from your winch. Spin your clutch lever to the free position and pull the cable out. If the cable gets stuck and you cant getting it untangled by hand engage the clutch lever, push straight down on the cable, and turn the winch to release the snag.

Watch a quick video of Tyler removing a snag in his winch

Once the cable has been completely unspooled, you will have to remove the small bolt holding it to the drum. In our case, it was a small alien stud. Then you should be able to disconnect the cable from the drum.

There are some essential steps you need to perform before installing your new synthetic rope.

  1. Sand the drum and remove any burs and flatten any metal spikes
  2. Replace your fairlead if possible, if not make sure to sand it smooth so there are no cuts, burs, or sharp areas that would ruin your new rope
  3. If replacing the Fairlead make sure the plate behind the fairlead is wide enough to allow the rope to move to extreme angles without getting caught

Once the Drum and fairlead bur free you can install the synthetic rope in the same order you removed the cable. Slowly wrap turn the winch and wrap the rope in neat rotations close to each other. You can do this with little resistance with your hand.

Once you have 7-9 (prefer 9) wraps around the drum you can start winching in the entire rope. Use a sturdy object on the far end of the rope and winch your rig towards it using the breaks and putting resistance onto the rope.

Watch this video on YouTube

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