Taco Garage Dash Multi Mount (DMM) for the Toyota Tacoma

 In 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma


The Best Tacoma Dash Mount System

The Taco Garage Dash Multi Mount (DMM) system is a really sleek system. The major reason I went with this system is because it’s low slim design is much more appealing over the other brands on the market. 

You can find the Mount on Taco Garage’s Website

The installation of this kit was quite simple with minimum tools required. It will take about 20 to 30 minutes. Most of my time was taken up making sure that I was aligning the upper plate correctly so when I drilled the holes there wouldn’t be any issues (we will get to that later).

Kit Includes

  1. Top Mounting Plate
  2. 4 Bottom Plates with integrated nuts.
  3. All necessary installation hardware

Optional parts

Required Tools:

Step 1 – Pull Plastic Bezel

We need to remove the plastic bezel so that we can drill though it and not hit the radio. The best way to do this is to grip your fingers under passengers side and pull it away from the dash and towards the driver side. It should pop free, or be hanging on by a clip near the steering wheel. If that is the case then slide your fingers around the bezel to figure out where its still attached and then pull that clip free.

Step 2 – Drilling Holes

Place the Top Mounting Plate over the section of the plastic bezel so that the larger gaps are aligned with the clips. This ensures that the holes will not conflict with any of the clips. When you have the Top Mounting Plate in a good location, use the small clamps to hold it into place. Make sure to place the small clamps so that they don’t cover any holes.  

Using a #10 drill bit (or 3/16″) start drilling the holes from one side to the other.  Drill slowly and let the drill do the work. Since your drilling through plastic its easy work and you want to stay in control. 

Step 3 – Assemble the DMM

Place one of the Bottom Plates on the underside of the plastic. Both the Bottom Plates and the Top Mounting Plate have a little keyed cut out and I made sure those were facing the same direction. Use the longer bolts as an alignment tool by screwing the bolt through the Top Mounting Plate and into one of the holes that has the attached nut onto the Bottom Plates. This will hold the two plates into place so you can grab the flange bolt, lock washer and nut. Using a 3/8″ socket or box end wrench, tighten the nuts till the flange bolt sucks itself down and is darn near flush with the Top Mounting Plate. Proceed to do this to the rest of the holes.

If one of the nuts is too close to the plastic clip and you can’t tighten it,then remove the Bottom Plate and use a razor blade to cut a small chunk of the plastic clip away so there is enough room to tighten the nut.

Step 4 – Reinstall Plastic Bezel

In the opposite direction of how we removed the Plastic Bezel we are going to place it back onto the dash. Make sure to align the heater vent holes and that it seats around the radio head unit. Give it a few solid wacks and make sure the clips are locked into place. At this time you can add your phone or tablet mounts.

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