The How and Why you should rotate your tires

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The How and Why you should rotate your tires

So before I talk about why you should be rotating the tires I wanted to go into a little bit of how you should be rotating your tires so I threw up this little diagram here so really the rule of thumb that I remember is that the power tires The Driven tires move parallel forward or back so for this for the front wheel drive so your front two tires are your power tires those are going to move parallel back to the rear tires and then the rear tires are going to Switch & Go to the front which so you is the opposite for the rear wheel drive so the rear wheel drive your back tires are driving the vehicle so those again move parallel the front your front two tires are going to switch to go to the back

There is probably the most basic setup for rotating your tires all wheel drive works for either one of these so it doesn’t really matter which one you do for all wheel drive but what does matter is that you do the same one every single time so you get the even where you get the rotation the correct the same every single time now if you have a full size Spare the Air like all the tires of the same the same on every single time

And the way that that works is let’s say you are going to replace the full size spare with this tire so these two tires typically go back so this one’s going to go off and become your spare your spare then goes and replaces this spot

And where these two tires worth they switched and they got to the front so as long as you do that the same every single time then that’s going to be fine now there are some exceptions to this rule which are if you have different size tires in the rear than you do in the front really the only thing you can do is swap them back and forth left right side to left side driver passenger also if you have directional tires you can only move them up front to back so that’s for the most part that’s the rule or rules

Rules on how to do those things you don’t need a ton of tools you do need Jack’s you need jack stands you need the tire iron and that’s really about it for the most part I would highly suggest minimum checking your spare tire when you do this so you just make sure that has air even if it’s a smaller size and normal or smaller than your other tires at least check it cuz if you do need to use that spare tire and it’s flat that’s no good either so just check it make sure that you got air in them

Boo I swear one of these days I’ll get it right now I’m mixed up front for you so Boom for 2 minutes here we go so the reason that you rotate your tires is so you get an even wear pattern on all four of your tires and the best the only really way to do that is by rotating him a changing the position of those tires so you have different tires that have different functions on your vehicle for example your front tires take most of the weight of your vehicle has won the majority of our vehicles are engines in the front in like for Lloyd here there’s nothing in the rear so the majority the weights in the front so those are pressed down into the ground a little bit more also a lot of the breaking happens in the front

So front tires are wearing out a little bit quicker than the rear also our front driver or excuse our front passenger side Tire will wear down quicker than our driver side tire and

When we take I’m sorry I apologize outside tire and sharp Corners will be traveling longer distance so that driver side Tire will be duck making bigger corners for making those sharp right hand turns and I mean it sounds minuscule but it and it is but the thing is that when you are doing lots of turning then you’re that trap tires traveling more so rotating switch it up the backs and rotating them to the front helps you keep that more even wear pattern on those tires and really helps out the prolong the life of the tire because you’re using different aspects of those tires in different positions and so when you’re rotating around your prolonging that life thanks for watching this episode of snail Trail 4 X4 hammer down on that subscribe button you have any questions or I would like to see on these two minute Tuesdays and don’t forget keep crawling

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