Toyota 4Runner Timbren Rear Bump Stops Upgrade

 In 2min Tuesday, Season 2, Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner Timbren Rear Bump Stops Upgrade

Timbren TORSEQ Bump Stops: Check Today’s Price

This might have been the easiest install we have ever done. it was as easy as unbolting, remove, install by bolting it back together. But what are bump stops? Bump stops are an important part of your suspension that helps protect the shocks and struts while improving the driving when your vehicle is under load.

The rubber bump stops will dampen the compression of the suspension and prevent the shock from bottoming out. This will prolong the life of your shock and it could even prevent it from breaking. These Timbren Bump Stops are much larger then the stock bump stops and fill in the gap from the lifted Toyota 4runner.

Thanks to Trail4r for supplying the truck and kit
T4ail4r Install Instructions

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