Toyota Tundra Diff Drop Kit

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Installing a Diff Drop Kit from Boss 4x4s on a Toyota Tundra

Tundra Diff Drop Kit: Check Todays Price
The Kit above isn’t the exact kit we installed, but similar. We got our kit from

Tundra Diff Drop Kit from Boss 4×4’s: Check Todays Price

This was actually a bit harder to install then the 4Runners diff drop. for some reason, it just didn’t want to line up. We did need some persuasion but were able to get it to go. Our biggest issue was aligning the driverside spacer.

SnailTrail4x4 Toyota Tundra Diff Drop Kit


Performing a Diff Drop is fairly straightforward. First, you need to remove the Skid plate, two 10mm bolts along the front, and four 12mm bolts spaced throughout the skid plate. After you remove the bolts you will need to unhook the front to completely remove the skid plate.

Once the skid plate is removed you will be able to see the two differential bolts that you are going to be removing. You can break the bolts lose using a breaker bar and a 19mm socket but don’t completely remove the bolts without placing a floor jack under the differential to support it. You don’t want to stress the rear bushing and drop the diff too far. (The bolts are tight!)

Make sure to keep the old hardware especially the large washers, and remember the order that they came out. You will be reusing some of the hardware, and you want to replace it in the same order.

Now that all the bolts are removed, you can slowly lower the floor jack and give yourself the required space to fit the differential drop spacer between the frame and mount. The new bolts are a 13/16″ and much longer than the old bolts to fill the additional space for the spacer. We also reused the large washers.

Tightening the bolts was quite difficult because there isn’t much space on the top side of the frame. We were able to make it work with some vice grips and a 7/8″ box end wrench but it was very tight.

Now that the Differential bolts are very tight you need to add the spacers to the skid plate. they go between the skid plate and the frame to give the additional space needed for the diff drop.


10 mm Socket
12 mm Socket
19 mm Socket
13/16″ Socket
7/8 box end wrench
We also used a few flat head screw drivers, crow bar and a hammer to get things together. (hopefully they are not needed for you)

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