Using Two Sockets at the Same Time?

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GearWrench Pass Through Socket Set with Locking Flex-Head

Have you ever needed to hold one bolt while you needed to turn another, Yeah you do this all the time right? What if the bolts are in, or through each other? I have come across this problem a few times with shocks and upper control arm ball joints. The tool I am going to talk about today helps solve those issues.
GEARWRENCH Pass Through Socket Set: Check Todays Price 

This wonderful tool I am going to tell you about is from GEARWRENCH. It is called the Pass-Thru® Socket Set (standard and Metric sizes) and it has one specific key feature, it is that it’s hollow. What do I mean by that, you can see through the sockets, extensions and socket wrench. Most all traditional socket wrenches have that little square 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 or even 3/4 square driver. Because of the hollow design, there is no need for that driver. Also because the way that the Pass-Thru® grabs the sockets by the outside diameter there is an additional 40% strength due to the increased surface area.
The design lets you plug them all together just like normal but now you can have a long hollow area, with the addition of extensions. This inventive design for the most part nearly eliminates the need for deep sockets. Because of the added strength of the sockets by removing the tang of the traditional socket wrenches. They have also made the socket walls thinner. This really helps for that hard to reach exhaust manifold bolt that is in the rear of the engine.

Sometimes you have the need to hold an allen head or even a screw heads while you’re tightening the bolt. Now with the Pass-Thru® design, you are able to stick the needed tool down through the socket set and hold or tighten. Now just thinking about it this would be very helpful for many valve adjustments.
The Pass-Thru® also works extremely well out on the trail for trail fixes when there’s something that even a deep socket won’t fit over, items such as all thread as well. Now you have another option besides the box-end wrenches, and hopefully, you have the GEARWRENCH ratcheting wrenches.

The handle of the Pass-Thru® Socket wrench has a dual material comfort grip with some soft rubber for ease on your hand after hours of wrenching. The head of the socket wrench has a lockable flex head so you can get it into those hard to reach, awkward places. I am not sure about how many teeth are in the ratcheting wrench but they claim to have a 5° ratcheting arc.
you guys know I’m a fan of GEARWRENCH and I’ve never been disappointed, I’m a really big fan of this tool and I think you guys will like it as well
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